RIP 2000-2010    OFA Health Certifications

In the field Maia was a bird finding machine and the ulitmate gun dog. She retrieved everything from tiny quail to shot tundra swans (even a wounded one from water) whilst maintaining a perfect soft mouth and 100% natural to hand delivery. She is the most flawless dog I have ever owned and I have said for years that if we all had a springer like this one, the lab would quickly become obsolete.  Bred by Canadian Mr Manfred Huelbusch, Maia was blessed with an eye popping pedigree going back to 2X NAFC NFC CNFC Saighton's Scud more than ten times. She was a large female, 55 pounds and a bush busting powerhouse, honest to the core. She  never wore an e-collar a day in her life.

Maia was my third Master Hunter, and the first I ever bred under the Hellfire kennel name. As a breeding bitch she will be irreplaceable and provided our kennel with an amazing foundation of healthy, nice looking, talented dogs with very few faults, outstanding marking, great legs, size, lots of run, lethal bird finding noses, and the excellent, eager to please spaniel temperaments we are especially proud of.  She has left behind an impressive and ever growing legacy of field trial dogs, the most noteworthy being FC AFC CFCHellfire's Fast Track MH MX AXJ CD (VS) the 2005 National Open Gun's Award winner. Maia was bred to FC AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaparral "Chaps", Abitt of Hellcat "Cougar" (not planned- oops!) CNFC Rolling Oaks Sumday Bud "Bud and FC AFC CFC Abitt's Highlander Lord MH RE VCD1 OJP OAP "Toby". 

I kept back the five talented, strong  daughters you see below - four produced puppies of their own - and our legacy grows every year.

After Maia passed away it took me two years to be able to update her webpage...I still miss her!  It is with much respect to her when I say that "Big Momma" will always represent the  standard for which Hellfire strives.






CFC Expressway's Black Jack

CFC Dustylane's Blacktail

CFC Breezy Point's Krocket

FC AFC CNFC Windmillwood Storm

Wellsdon Taff

Badgercourt Ruth Of Windmillwood

CFC Breezy Point's Anita

Breezy Point's Roughneck

Breezy Point's Cindy Capilano

CNFC Black Powder

NAFC FC CFC Marshfield's Tucker

CNFC AFC Marshfield Tagger

AFC CFC Greenbriar Dusk

Moonlight's Aura

J-j Northern Light

Moon's Toker

Fawnhaven's Shining Image

FC AFC CFC South Chase Brady

Shoreline's Macmillian

2XNAFC NFC CNFC Saighton's Scud

FC CFC J-j Marquise

FC AFC CFC Shining Doc Fawnhaven

Saighton's Stanley

Fawnhaven Jessica

FC AFC CFC Shining Doc Fawnhaven

Saighton's Stanley

Saighton's Seeking

Saighton's Spitfire

Fawnhaven Jessica

Aspengrove's Sir Winchester

Marchamley Jenny

Lockport's Spanky WS

NFC AFC The Iceman

FC Findaway's Lucky Strike

FC Findaway's Luck Of Burnsget

FC Brackenbriar Snapshot Jr

AFC Breezy Point's Prudence

AFC Ru-char's Genuine Risk

FC AFC Meadowrock Rowdy Roger

Ru-chars Rocky Creek

AFC Marshview Bit Of Swiftness

Keeper Of Nest

2XNAFC NFC CNFC Saighton's Scud

FC AFC CFC Whisperpine's Silver Dust

Prairie Gentian

FC Findaway's On-your-mark

FC Tri Dot Of Charel

CNFC Cee Gem's Champagne

CFC Lockport's Riley WS

NFC AFC CFC Pine Island Patches

Marshfield's Brome

Birdshill Crocus

Cher Dawn's Lockette

Cher Dawn's Metoo

Brandian's Jodie

Jae's Princess

Prairie Pride

NFC NAFC CNFC Joysam's Solo Sam

Berrypatch Prairie Sun

FC AFC CFC Kaymac's Kiltie

2XNAFC NFC CNFC Saighton's Scud

Kaymac's Haida Girl

Maia and me
Opening Day 2003Fall 2006Baby Maia at the beach, flushing clams.