CFC Coldwater's Flatlander Logan

CFC Expressway's Magnet

CFC Breezy Point's Krocket

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Wellsdon Taff

Badgercourt Ruth Of Windmillwood

Breezy Point's Anita

Breezy Point's Roughneck

Breezy Point's Cindy Capilano

Strong's Solo

Saighton's Strong

ENFC Robbie Of Barnacre

Saighton's Supersleek

Shoreline's Quintessence

Saighton's Sable

Sandburs Shar

Courtman's Darling Odessa

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EFC Badgercourt Druid

EFC Don Of Bronton

EFC Badgercourt Susan

Badgercourt Firecracker

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Abitt Off More Than I Can Chew

NAFC FC AFC Winter Wind's White Night

NFC FC AFC Sunrise Zinger

AFC Sunrise Zachary

Porridge Hill's Zappa

Porridge Hill's Tracy

Breakwater Bess

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Kay Dee

Winter Wind Mali-tov

NFC NAFC Saighton's Scout (2)

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Saighton's Spitfire

AFC Mali Anna Of Valhalla

CFC Debs Peppermint Schnapps

Jenny Of Valhalla

FC CFC Kc's Abitt Flashy

NFC AFC Kb's Sir Coach

NFC FC AFC Sunrise Zinger

AFC Sunrise Zachary

Breakwater Bess

Windy Acres Katy Bee


Wal Lous Bronze Beauty

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AFC Tip Top Breezy Flush

Beau Of Nest

Dunlavin's Goldigger

Kingsbrae's Star

NAFC FC CFC Marshfield's Tucker

Kaymac's Jazzy

Toby and his litter bro Cougar - peas in a pod!
My Dad with Toby, Fall 2010. They had a great time out in the field!
Toby and his bro Cougie
I love you snow! March 2011
March is perfect ball weather! (2011)
Toby thoroughly unimpressed with his Obedience and Rally loot. He went 3/3 for his CD passes, winning on the first try. Toby finished off his RA title from the B group (and all the dogs working toward their RAE titles) with a perfect 100 score and another blue!
Toby with his CD and RA title ribbons, and the vase of flowers he won for being the oldest dog at the trial.
Toby earns his TD title at the Big Sky Tracking test.
Frisbee specialist
Agility practice
New NAP NJP titles!
Toby at 13 years old.
Chica, Spanky, Cheetah and Toby - four generations of my dogs!
Toby was given the ESSFTA Versatile Springer Award in 2014
Toby's Lifetime Achievement Award
Last one. :(
HIs last medal...
Dad and Toby - fall 2014
My dad and Toby  - Fall 2014
Toby @ 13 and still healthy and strong.
December 2014
OFA Health Certifications  |  Pedigree    RIP 2001-2015

Toby is one of those rare gems we all hope to own someday. His work ethic is unmatched - there just isn't anything that he hates learning to do.

His lifetime achievement and accomplishments are significant. He was 2013 January OFA Champion of Health and in 2014 was awarded the ESSFTA Versatile Springer Award, making him one of the few field trial dogs to ever earn it.  (One of the few others is a dog I bred). He won the ESSFTA Multi-Title Medallion twice and even surpised me by winning 2012 Novice Obedience Dog of the Year,  beating out all the show dogs! Although he wasn't always a team player in the field,  he was never a quitter and still qualified for many National Championships. Toby is also the only field trial champion, of any breed to earn an AKC VCD (Versatile Companion Dog). On top of all that he was an amazing gundog and hunted wild Montana roosters into his 13th year! Best of all he is a very affectionate couch potato and the best buddy ever.   

Toby was only bred a few times, but he has been a successful sire producing a handful of kids who easily achieved Master Hunter titles and several noteworthy field trial winning  offspring, including Checkers (2010 #1 US High Point Puppy), FC AFC BCR's Back in the Saddle (Second place @ 2011 National Amateur Championship) and FC AFTW Paragons Macks of Hellfire (COM @ 2016 National Open Championship). His kids can be very smart and very high drive, not for the faint of heart!

Toby died as I knew he would - perfectly healthy one day, then gone the next after a massive stroke. I kept back several of his daughters, MiaHaleyChica - and we have frozen semen saved away for the futureHe truly is a very special guy and a lovely representative of what field springers can do.