GCH CH Three D First and Foremost "Frank"
CH Three D Zydeco X Dolly Boysson Bohemia (Czech import)
DOB: 06/27/2013  | 14.5 inches tall  |  Scissors bite  |  OFA Health Certs 

My new buddy Frank was sent to me via Dee Duffy and Three D Sussex in Virginia. He has an interesting pedigree, double bred on Westminster BIS winner "Stump", and out-crossed with an imported bitch from the Czech Republic. He is also very handsome, very sound (OFA Good) and a great mover.  I really like Frank, he is incredibly sweet, gentle, loves to snuggle with his mummy and it is very common for me to wake up in the morning with his ears under my face.  Physically, he is maturing very slowly and will probably be an adult around age 5 or 6.

Frank finished his Grand Championship in July 2017, handled to all 26 points by me, earning a Top 5 Sussex  Westminster Invitation along the way. I am also happy to say that he is one of the few male Sussex in the United States that has been fully health screened, and has normal OFA certificates with hips, eyes, heart (via specialist) and PDP1. He loves to find rats and will be doing some barn hunting and rally obedience in 2018.

Frank has produced two litters of puppies, one in VA (5 puppies via AI) and with our own lovely mommy, GCH Marv (12 puppies/9 survivors, via natural breeding)...a handful are in show homes.
Baby Frank

CH Three D Zydeco

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BIS CH Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee

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